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Here's Why Everyone Is Taking Our CCW & NRA Handgun Classes:


"We train people from all walks of life and backgrounds."  Whether you are a woman looking for personal protection in or out of the home, a father/husband safe quarding his family, or anyone wanting to learn what it means to carry a handgun, you will not feel out of place in one of our courses.

green-check "The only thing you need to bring to our class is You!" We provide everything you need to take the class.  We provide all of the classroom supplies and, more importantly, we provide all of the equipment that you need to pass the practical shooting portion of our CCW class.  Unlike other CCW classes, we let you use our handguns and we supply all of the, ear protection, eye protection, and ammunition.  Now you don't have to go out and spend over $500 just to take our CCW class.
 green-check "We do everything for you."  You will not have to guess or search for any part of the process.  Our instructors and administrators walk you from start to finish through the process of getting your CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) Permit.  We complete all of the paperwork for you.  You simply need to submit it to the Nebraska State Patrol upon completion of our class.
"We use only Nebraska State Patrol Certified Classes and Instructors." Our curriculum has been completely reviewed and approved by Nebraska State Patrol Training Officers in Grand Island, NE.  You can be assured you will get all of the information and training necessary to carry a concealed handgun in the State of Nebraska.
green-check  "Our instructors are professional educators."  They have extensive backgrounds in teaching adults in continuing education environments.  Our instructors understand and have the utmost respect for the needs of the adult student.  Our instructors ARE NOT retired law enforcement or ex-military personnel.  All of our instructors are regular people just like you.


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CCW Defined:

Concealed Carry Weapons Permit as defined by Wikipedia.

Nebraska State Patrol

"Certified CCW Class"

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National Rifle Association

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